Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Web In 5 Years, According To Google

Revolution Magazine carried a great article last Friday about an interview that Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, gave at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Orlando 2009.

While the interview is initially about Google, where it's come from and where it's going, Eric Schmidt also gives an overview of how Google sees the web changing in the next five years time. Schmidt outlines a 'radically different' internet that will be dominated by the Chinese language and Social Media content, and delivered to us by super-fast broadband.

By far one of the most interesting points that Schmidt raises is that brands should be listening to youth consumers when planning their marketing strategies. He simply points out, "Talk to a teenager about how they consume media and remember in five years they'll be your employee".

This is an overview of Schmidt's vision compiled by ReadWriteWeb:

  1. Five years from now the internet will be dominated by Chinese-language content.
  2. Five years is a factor of ten in Moore's Law, meaning that computers will be capable of far more by that time than they are today.
  3. Within five years there will be broadband well above 100MB in performance - and distribution distinctions between TV, radio and the web will go away.
  4. "We're starting to make significant money off of Youtube", content will move towards more video.
  5. "Real time information is just as valuable as all the other information, we want it included in our search results."
  6. "We can index real-time info now - but how do we rank it?"
  7. It's because of this fundamental shift towards user-generated information that people will listen more to other people than to traditional sources. Learning how to rank that "is the great challenge of the age." Schmidt believes Google can solve that problem.

This is the interview:

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