Friday, July 30, 2010

Arthur's Day 2010

Back in June I posted about the return of Arthur's Day this September. With ticket sales well under way (and sold out in many cases! - but check for full details) it looks like the 23rd September is going to be just as huge as promised. The biggest news so far, for most people, was probably the announcement that The Killers’ Brandon Flowers will be topping the list of the 20 or so artists that have been added to the star studded line-up. The list (below) is a whopper one too, and includes the likes of Newton Faulkner, Plan B, KT Tunstall, José González, The Magic Numbers and Kelis, as well as homegrown talents like Snow Patrol and Paolo Nutini.

The main difference with this year's celebrations is a focus on making the pub the heart of the celebrations. This is being done by using 28 different pub venues to host an artist to kick off the celebrations after the toast to Arthur Guinness at 17.59. Basically this means that Pub ticket holders will get to see a great artist in the comfort of their favourite pub, however, there will also be a surprise performance from one of the studio artists too. For Studio ticket holders there will be up to five international and Irish artists performing at each studio venue.

Speaking at the Arthur’s Day announcement, Orla Flanagan, Guinness Brand Manager said “We are delighted to add more fantastic artists to our Arthur’s Day line up. Studio tickets to last year’s Arthur’s Day celebrations last year sold out in one hour so we are anticipating huge interest again tomorrow morning. With the great acts who are involved in Arthur’s Day this year, the 23rd of September looks set to be another remarkable celebration of Arthur Guinness and his lasting legacy. I’m really looking forward to raising a glass to the man himself on the day”.

Studio tickets and the outdoor Galway music event will cost €10 and the 28 pub venues will cost €5 with proceeds from all Arthur’s Day ticket sales benefiting the Arthur Guinness Fund.

Arthur's Day Artists

Studio Artists
Snow Patrol
Paolo Nutini
José González
The View
We Have Band
The Hoosiers
Slow Club
The Maccabees
The Magic Numbers
Sharon Shannon
Brandon Flowers
Eliza Doolittle
KT Tunstall
Newton Faulkner
O Emperor
Plan B
Tinie Tempah

Pub Artists
The High Kings
The Chapter
The Dirty 9s
The Milk
Broken Records
Mick Flannery
The Rags
John Spillane
Dirty Epics
A Band Called Wanda
Butterfly Explosion
Duke Special
James Vincent McMorrow
Johnny Flynn
Molotov Jukebox
Simon Fagan
Sparrow and the Workshop
The Boy Who Trapped the Sun
The Shoos
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band

Arthur’s Day Venues*
Studio Venues
St James’s Gate Brewery
The Academy
Vicar Street
The Village
Olympia Theatre

Pub Venues
The Bank
Oliver St. John Gogarty’s
The Baggot Inn
The Stag’s Head
The Temple Bar
The George
Doheny & Nesbitt
The Brazen Head
The Palace Bar

Outdoor Music Event
Folan Quay at Galway Harbour

Pub Venues
Róisin Dubh
Tíg Cóilí

Studio Venue

Pub Venues
The Old Oak
Crane Lane Theatre
The Pavilion

*Subject to licence

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Digital Communications

I was sent this diagram by a friend as a 'good overview of the various types of communication that exist within the modern world'. The funny thing is, what this diagram made me think about... the iPhone4. I didn't think about the iPhone4 because of some wondrous new feature that it bestows on the world or that it pulls together almost all of the above scenarios as core functions. Instead I thought of the iPhone4 because of a term that Steve Jobs has started using: FaceTime.

Looking that the above 10 communications examples I found myself thinking that it is perhaps slightly odd that only two of them involve seeing the person you are talking to, and only one of them involves being in the same physical place as that person. I started thinking about the repercussions that real-time, trans-global communications has on our communications habits and how it is now more natural to communicate with someone in a non-face-to-face manner.

Something else to bare in mind is the frightening speed at which this situation has come about. Most of these technologies / platforms weren't in existence ten years ago.

What does all this mean though? Am I suddenly shunning technology and calling for a reversion to a less technical age? Far from it. I embrace technology and everything that it can do for humanity. However, I think that it is important not to lose sight of the human connection. Not to forget that there is a person on the other end of that Tweet, Facebook Status update, or Txt Message. As a result of technology, many people make less of an effort to have face to face contact with friends or family. Most worrying is that this is very much a self-perpetuating theme as the more real-time platforms and technologies presented to us the less time we have to physically meet people.

For me, the big issue here isn't that I may loose touch with the real world or forget that there are more reasons to meet someone in real life then to talk to them online. The issue is when you consider that anyone currently eighteen or under, has not known a world without the internet. Consider something like Chatroulette, which almost as soon as it was launched became filled with nudity and exhibitionism. Is a Surrogate-esque future with people plugged into machines living solely through a digital representation, with there being no clue as to a persons true 'self', an actual possibility?

The answer, in my mind, is yes. It could easily happen. I don't doubt that there are plenty of people out there who would jump at the chance to live that way, and that saddens me. It saddens me because I see the role that the media, marketing, public relations and 'big business' has to play in that. Don't forget that there's a real world out there. Don't forget that not everything should exist as solely digital. The digital infrastructure and associated communications and entertainment technologies that we have at our disposal should be used to bridge the gaps between people, and bring them closer together, in real life. Use technology to help organise, to help communicate, to help facilitate. But at the end of the day, meet up with people. Talk. Exchange ideas. Share funny stories, or personal heartaches.

Digital communications should be used to talk to people face-to-face!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What the F**k is Social Media NOW?

A brilliant presentation from Marta Kagan, Managing Director at Espresso. Not only does this give a great overview of where Social Media is but it also does the important job of re-enforcing just how mainstream and 'real-world' Social Media has now become. It's all around us and is constantly finding new ways to move deeper into our everyday lives. This is highly recommended viewing!

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Social Network

In my honest opinion.... I can't wait. I think the movie looks really good. The casting is brilliant and my original fears of a documentary style approach have been firmly quashed. Role on October...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Old Spice

Every now and again a marketing campaign comes around that manages to cross an imaginary boundary that exists between ‘the industry’ and ‘the outside world’.

What I mean is, we (members of ‘the industry’) will often comment and discuss the brilliant merits of a particular marketing campaign from the point of view of creativity, technical merit or results. However, everyone else (‘the outside world’) can often be oblivious to these things. Brilliant metrics and results simply don’t affect their individual, everyday lives. Then along comes a campaign that taps into something special and hits all the right notes. A previous example was Compare The Meerkat, which I have posted about several times, but what has happen here is even better.

Top notch admen Wieden + Kennedy have taken a brand that many perceived as old and dated, and not only won a Cannes Film Grand Prix but created a Social Media frenzy. Their campaign for Old Spice launched in February during the Super Bowl and has gone from strength to strength to strength. Featuring former American Football star Isaiah Mustafa, the campaign is all about just how awesomely manly he is, and how ‘your man’ could smell like him.

The campaign saw immediate success with millions of video views of the ads on YouTube but the real success, imho, has been the personalised responses that have been created for everyone from celebrities to renowned bloggers to ordinary folk who published questions or comments to the campaigns various touchpoints (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc.). These personalised video messages are all viewable on the Old Spice YouTube channel and are absolutely hilarious. The campaign has been so successful in fact that the Old Spice YouTube channel is now the most viewed sponsored channel on the video platform.

The question of course that still remains is weather this online goodwill translates into sales. I can’t imagine it won’t but for now that’s just my opinion. Stay tuned and I’ll update with news as it comes out.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Samsung: Redneck Hunter

Check out this video created and produced by Cheil Worldwide to promote Samsung bluetooth headsets.