Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fuse Finds Launches

Not so long ago I had the utmost pleasure of doing an LMI course in the company of a number of brilliant people. One of these people was Danielle Mac Innes. Danielle is a particularly skilled Interior Designer and owner of Fuse Interiors. This week I was really excited to learn that Fuse Interiors has launched an exciting new store, Fuse Finds! The store offers mid century and vintage furniture that Fuse has sourced themselves. The items are absolutely stunning and the service opens up a world of home and office design opportunity that your average person simply would never have.

What I find particularly cool about the Fuse 'Finds' concept is that it is very much based around sustainable design, with each item having been handpicked by Danielle from various travels around the world. These items are then either sold as they were found or revamped in the company's Dublin studio. The studio, which has just opened on Lad Lane in the city centre, is a one stop shop for all your interior design needs. By appointment you can pop along and view any of the 'Finds' and avail of Danielle's expert advise. There are also some pretty cool plans by Fuse Interiors to launch a series of pop-up shops later this year.

This is all really just tip of the ice-berg though. I highly recommend taking a look at Fuse's website and blog - both of which are 100% must read if you're into design, interiors or furniture!

Other ways to keep up to speed on what Danielle and Fuse are doing is to:

There's also a Fuse newsletter that you can sign up to on the website, or download the full press release available here.


Danielle Mac Innes said...

Hi Christian, thanks so much for the post! Cheers Danielle :-)

Christian Hughes said...

No probs Danielle, I'm loving the site :)