Monday, January 17, 2011

ESB Meter Reading App

The ESB have just launched a meter reading app for both iPhone and Android. The free app, which is available from today, is the first energy provider app for both iPhone and Android Smartphones and the first app developed by an Irish utility for electricity meter reading submissions.

The app allows customers to submit their electricity meter reading using their phone, effectively making estimated bills a thing of the past and giving them more control over their bills. The app is also capable of managing multiple properties and provides a Useful Contacts section with all the ESB emergency contact numbers at their fingertips.

I for one absolutely love to see utilities embracing technology in this, but also doing so in a way that is genuinely beneficial to their customers. I can think of so many times, especially living in apartments, that your meter reading gets estimated and you wind up hitting a huge bill the following month. I can't imagine any ESB customers who own an iPhone or Android and not downloading this! Get to it...

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