Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lyons Tea - Fans Vote On Favourite Ending

Lyons has been putting the talk into tea very successfully for some time now but the next TV ad is being handed over to the fans. Never-before seen endings to the current Gold Blend TV ad are now available to view on the Lyons Tea Facebook page and fans are being asked to vote for their favourite clip in a bid to help Lyons Tea decide which ad to air next on television.

The current Gold Blend TV ad opens on the magical Lyons tea factory where the Master Blender and his young apprentice ponder the richer taste and richer stories of Lyons Gold Blend. The current ad then ends with Dad, Mum and their 3 year old boy sitting on the couch and Dad is recounting the age-old fairytale ‘there was an old woman who lived in a shoe’ to his son. However in true Irish style, Dad throws in a few exaggerations and a bit of colour for good measure.

However, this was just one of four potential endings for the Lyons Gold Blend ad. Storytelling is at the heart of each alternate version but we hear the story of Goldilocks in one, while the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs takes on some interesting twists and turns in the other versions. However it is always Dad recounting the tales in a rather exaggerated fashion so that the joke is always on Mum.

Lyons is calling on its Facebook fans to vote for their favourite ending to help them decide which ad to air next. Whichever ending is voted the favourite by Lyons Tea fans, the overarching message will remain unchanged, revealing that a richer talk’ added to the tea is what gives Lyons Gold Blend its richer, full bodied taste.

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