Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lyons Decaf - ‘Same Great Taste, Same Great Talk’

Lyons Tea has just launched its latest advertising campaign. ‘Same Great Taste, Same Great Talk’ supports Lyons Decaf tea and will run with targeted print, outdoor and online advertising and PR activity.

Decaf is the second fastest growing category within tea in Ireland at +6% (value) compared to the fastest growing, Green Tea at +11%. The Decaf market in the UK is worth £32.3m up 13.5% versus the previous year and Decaf is the fastest growing category in tea in the UK, pointing to the strong potential for growth for Lyons Decaf in the Republic of Ireland. Lyons Tea research has demonstrated that almost 90% of Irish people drink tea with the average Irish person drinking around four cups a day - an estimated 300 litres per person per year. However, Decaf tea household penetration is just 7%, half that of Decaff coffee in Ireland which has 14%.

Liz Finlay, Marketing Manager, Lyons Tea comments, “It is interesting that Irish people are more likely to buy Decaf coffee than tea… Given that so many Irish people love tea! Lyons Decaf is a great alternative for people trying to reduce their caffeine intake, with the same great taste as Lyons Tea is famous for!”

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