Saturday, June 25, 2011

Eason Offers - Whatever You’re Into

Everyone loves a mystery and I had my own little mystery this week starting with the unexpected arrival of a package on Monday morning. Simply wrapped and baring no clue to the sender other than a small tag with the hashtag '#whateveryoureinto', my gift was a paint-by-numbers set. Odd perhaps, unusual certainly but none-the-less very happily received. Of course I'd no idea who it was from.

Tuesday came and another package arrived. This time it was a book: Kirstie Allsopp's 'Kirstie's Homemade Home'. Again the clue was a small tag with the hashtag '#whateveryoureinto'. A Google search of 'whatever you're into' revealed that this was Eason's brand tagline. Still no idea what Eason were doing, if it was indeed Eason. Wednesday I received a pack of batteries with the now familar note, Thursday saw a Meetings Folder arrive, and finally on Friday there was a copy of Neven Maguire's new book 'Neven's Food From The Sun'.

While I was pretty sure that I had cracked the #whateveryoureinto code, Friday revealed all as the book was accompanied by a note. All the gifts arriving over the previous week were indeed from Eason, to celebrate the launch of their brand new online daily offers website - is a brand new site offering exclusive daily items from Eason, but with up to 75% discounts every day and free delivery anywhere in Ireland. These could be anything from the extensive range at Eason, including bestselling novels, cookbooks and lifestyle guides, as well as stationery, exclusive signed and limited edition books, computer accessories and arts and craft materials.

David Field, Head of Marketing and Retail Development, Eason, commented, “We’re delighted to be launching and providing such a great online service to our customers. Whatever your interest or hobby, we'll bring you an exclusive offer online on a daily basis, all at fantastic value and with free delivery anywhere in Ireland. So whatever you’re into, get into Eason boasts such an extensive offering, not just books, so this is a great opportunity to make our Irish customers aware of our product range, available at heavily discounted prices, delivered direct to their door!”

Go have a browse and see what's happening today.

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