Thursday, November 15, 2012

Electric Ireland: Powering Kindness Week

Electric Ireland Launch Charity Initiative Inspired by Kindness to Donate €100,000 to Charity

This Saturday sees the start of a week long campaign from Electric Ireland with the main objective to to generate good will around Ireland. Simply, for the week, people are being asked to do a kind deed. Like I said, simple.

Each kind deed is then logged and assigned to one of three charities. At the end of the week, Electric Ireland will convert these deeds into donations to the charities totaling €100,000. The three charities are: Special Olympics Ireland, Concern Worldwide and Focus Ireland.

You sign up and register your interest at and then every deed that you log is passed onto friends, family or strangers and the kindness is shared. There is no limit to the number of good deeds you can do and the charities will benefit from every act of kindness completed during the week.

At the end of the week, the charity with the greatest number of good deeds done in their name will receive a donation from Electric Ireland for €50,000 with the other two charities receiving donations of €25,000.

Deeds can be as simple as making tea for your friend, giving up your seat to a stranger on the train, calling into a an elderly neighbour for a chat, topping up someone’s parking if you see the clampers patrolling, paying for coffee for the person behind you, offering an umbrella to someone being soaked by the rain, the list is endless. will host all the details you need to know during the week, including:
  • Some inspiration with a list of suggested good deeds
  • Check out what good deeds have been logged to date, there may be some well-known faces taking part
  • An update on how each charity is doing and how many deeds are assigned to them
  • A deed tracker to show where deeds are travelling to – around Ireland, around the world and the route they are taking
The Electric Ireland Powering Kindness week will culminate in an announcement event that will take place on Friday November 23rd in the city centre. At this, the announcement of the charity with the largest amount of kind deeds done in their name will be made.

The campaign will be hosted primarily through but you can get live updates through the Electric Ireland Facebook Page, Twitter Account (@electricireland) and following the #poweringkindness hashtag!

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