Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bitbuzz Freedom a success in Dublin

Shane Deasy, Managing Director, Bitbuzz

Six months since the introduction of the complimentary Bitbuzz Freedom Wi-Fi service to Grafton Street, Bitbuzz is observing excellent user figures. Bitbuzz Freedom provides a fully managed complimentary Wi-Fi service to the public and is so far available on Grafton St, parts of Henry Street, Temple Bar and the Hibernian Way.

On Grafton Street alone over 1,500 people are using the service and downloading over 10G of data each month; Bitbuzz even recorded Wi-Fi users on Grafton St on Christmas Day 2012. The service is particularly useful for international tourists who use the service to check maps, research transport services, confirm bookings and research local shops, restaurants and tourist attractions on their smartphones, without paying roaming charges. Bitbuzz Freedom allows Wi-Fi access at full broadband speeds and does not have a speed cap.

Bitbuzz Freedom expanded its service to the Hibernian Way, Temple Bar and parts of Henry St just before Christmas and is now in the process of being deployed on further parts of Henry St.

Shane Deasy, Managing Director, Bitbuzz, said: “We are pleased with the take-up of the Bitbuzz Freedom service so far. Our aim last year was to introduce complimentary Wi-Fi to both Dublin City residents and tourists visiting the Capital and we believe the initiative so far has been a success. We look forward to rolling-out the service in other key cities across the country this year.”

Bitbuzz Freedom is an expansion of the Bitbuzz service and offers the same quality of service the Wi-Fi company currently provides in hotels and coffee shops. Designed for smartphone users, Bitbuzz Freedom provides multiple complimentary 20 minute Wi-Fi sessions. Bitbuzz uses multi-band wireless point-to-point backhaul technology to provide a much better performance than traditional "mesh" solutions. This enables users to move around and continue surfing the internet as they walk down the street.

The Bitbuzz Freedom initiative is 100% funded by Bitbuzz and the company has received no financial support or assistance from the local authority or any state agency.

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