Thursday, September 11, 2014

Look on The Harp Side

Northern Ireland's first Barley Art Installation - a pair of towering wings

Northern Ireland’s skyline took on a different shape today as Scrabo Tower was joined by another structure that soared high on the Ards Peninsula – a nine meter high pair of wings made from barley.

The barley art was commissioned by local lager brand Harp® as part of its ‘Look on the Harp Side’ campaign which champions Northern Ireland’s optimistic way of seeing things.

Belfast based bespoke artist and designer, Gareth Martin, handcrafted the wing structure. It took five days to build using 250 bales of barley, 440 meters of twine and 400 wooden stakes. Gareth, said: “It’s my first barley art installation and despite the mixed weather it was great fun to make. The design was inspired by the high quality barley ingredients and craftsmanship that goes in to the brewing of Harp and the formation of the wings are, of course, a nod to the brand evangelist, the Harp Angel.”

“Making hay while the sun shines – or in Northern Ireland while the rain pours down - sums up Harp’s values and reflects the Northern Ireland viewpoint on life”, said Harp Brand Manager, Lisa Ronayne. “August has been one of the wettest on record, making the summer harvest period difficult but in true Northern Irish form the weather hasn’t dampened spirits. We see the barley art as a fitting tribute to the upbeat viewpoint that people in Northern Ireland are known for.”

The art installation also helps launch a series of exciting competitions from the popular lager brand, entitled ‘Earn Your Wings’. To celebrate the optimistic, Northern Ireland way of seeing things, consumers will get the chance to win a free pint or experience a heli ride with friends to take in the local landscape from a different viewpoint. For more information on chances to win visit

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