Monday, May 19, 2008

Google Automatch

Tomorrow, May 20 2008, when you log into your adwords account there will be a new option. Google’s new ‘Automatic Matching’ feature will sit as a new checkbox (as with google content it will be pre-checked and auto-enabled) ready to use.You have probably heard about this or at least seen initial discussion floating around the blogosphere but how much thought have you actually given it?

Google ‘Automatic Matching’ will do the follow:
Automatching shows your ads on search queries not already captured by your keywords by analysing the landing page, ad, and keyword contents and shows your ads on search queries relevant to this information. The algorithms continually monitor the performance on these queries and adjust accordingly. The aim is to show your ads on queries that yield high CTRs and CPCs lower than your ad group's current average CPC. Of course your spend cannot exceed your budget, and it also won't affect the traffic you're currently receiving.

So in short….. well to be honest, I don’t know. It sounds good on paper but I’ll need to wait to see the actual performance before making any real decisions.

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