Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Micro-Hoo Round 2

I remember remarking recently about a PR instance involving a large Irish beverage company – just when it seemed that the worst thing possible was going to happen the company came out with a “new” plan to reduce the loses while still achieving it’s goal of restructuring. I wondered was plan A ever an actuality or was it a precursor to plan B so as to soften the blow?

So I wonder here, did Microsoft make a bid for the whole company knowing it would not succeed, to be able to come back with a lesser offer which suddenly seems far more acceptable to both parties? Did Microsoft ever want anything more then search?

I doubt it. If this move is successful, Microsoft will jump to second place and become the second most powerful search engine marketing and optimisation company, only next to Google. Suddenly its competition would now be directly with the leading firm, giving it the opportunity to climb the ladder faster than it could do competing with two more powerful companies.

So, with bated breath, we wait. What wil Mr. Yang and his board do. Either way I think a speedy decision will be made considering all the internal and external pressures.

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