Saturday, November 15, 2008

Buildings in Dublin that waste energy

Living in Ringsend I often walk into town along the Quays and it annoys me greatly to see all the office blocks with their lights on all night and no one in them. It's even worse when you see empty office blocks with the lights on. This said I was extremely happy to discover that John Callaghan (Cal-TV) is currently working on a short film project that will highlight the issue. John is putting together a list of buildings in Dublin city centre that waste energy by leaving their lights on overnight, which will be feature in the film.

I'm happy to say I was able to lend a (small) helping hand by taking some photos of buildings along the Quays. So, perhaps a little shamelessly, I think it would be worth everyone's time to stop by the project site and have a look around. With so much attention being paid to water wastage and recycling, unnecessary lighting is a huge environmental drain that seems to be overlooked by most.

Also, if you have noticed any such buildings, I'm sure John would love to hear from you (especially if you send a photo!). You can email him at

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