Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Think - Road Safety Campaign

This is one intense ad, like some sort of cross between a Japanese horror movie and Eastenders. I think Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO (the agency behind this) have done an incredible job for the British Department for Transport.

Jim Fitzpatrick, the British road safety minister said: "We now want motorists to consider the consequences of speeding for them: what is life like for the driver who kills because they are in a rush to get home and how does that split second decision affect the rest of their life?


Anonymous said...

Truly creepy and a different spin.
It does hammer the point home however.

Have there been any "positive" speed adds? I mean ones showing someone waiting and the "come home safe" type message rather than the usual crash-bang.

Christian Hughes said...

I did see an series of ads from the states, whcih were centered around a theme similar to 'Arrive Alive'. Basically it was for falling asleep and long distence driving. It was very much about happy endings.

Nothing like that in Ireland or the UK that I can think of though.