Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gone to Vegas

About now I'm arriving in McCarran airport Nevada, Las Vegas's international airport. Some time back my mate Ross popped the question to his lovely missus and, with her answer of 'yes', there's a Summer wedding just around the corner. Of course you can probably guess why I've just arrived in Vegas...... stag weekend!

So here we are, twenty or so blokes looking forward to a weekend of relaxing by the pool and perhaps taking in some of the delightful tourist attractions that Nevada has to offer. Or, it'll go something like this......

So with all that in mind, I'm afraid to say that Digitology is taking a short break. I may or may not be able to update in the next four days, but chances are I won't. I hope you can all manage ;)

See you next week folks


John said...

How was Vegas?

Christian Hughes said...

Mental. Brilliant. Excessive. Tiring. Memorable. Forgettable. Overall; very enjoyable, but there'd be no need to do that again!