Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lyons Tea - Secret 'Ingredient'

It's so very true that things come in three's, and so with little surprise I find myself writing about a new tea advertisement just a day after I wrote about two others. The reason I find myself wanting to share this ad is, however, very different to yesterday's post. Tomorrow Lyons Tea will launch their latest campaign. The campaign reveals that ‘talk’ is the secret ‘ingredient’ in its tea. Not only do I think that this makes perfect sense for brand association, but ultimately I think the ad is very good.

The new ‘The Master Blender’ TV ad launches tomorrow, 8th February, with a humorous tongue in cheek story all about the Lyons Master Tea blender and his apprentice. The two characters describe how different types of talk are added to the tea, which results in conversations for all the people who drink it. The campaign shows us the wonka-esque magical tea factory where Lyons create their famous tea. The Master Tea blender and his apprentice are seen in a huge hallway lined with row upon row of specially labelled drawers of tea, each with a different type of talk. For this ad, the Master Tea blender selects ‘Footy Talk’ and proceeds to show his young apprentice how it is added to the tea. With their job done, the ad cuts to a scene of two older women sitting on a couch about to enjoy a nice fresh brew. As they each take a sip the conversation immediately turns to ‘Footie’.

What I particularly like about the new add is the detail that we are shown. For me this is very much on par with Coca-Cola's Open Happiness. Production and performer budgets are clearly miles apart but Lyons still create the same magic. A wonderful sense of 'something more' that you can enjoy as you make and drink a nice cuppa. Serious hat tip to Lyons of this one - well done!

Liz Finlay, Lyons Tea Marketing Manager, commented on the new campaign, “It’s no secret that Irish people are both big talkers and big tea drinkers - the secret is we, at Lyons, have been adding talk to the tea! The talk combined with the best blends of the finest tea makes for the best tasting, conversational cuppa! We’re delighted with our new TV advertisement and we think consumers will find this is just the right blend of fairytale, magic and humour! We’ll be supporting the new campaign with some really exciting activity in store, radio promotions and lots of PR over the coming months, giving Irish people plenty to talk about.”

The campaign is primarily driven through tv, in three executions, with support from three radio ads and a 48-sheet element. The campaign has been created by Rothco with the tv ad directed by Stephen St. Leger. Production was by H2 Films with post-produced by Windmill Lane Pictures.


Will said...

I have a whole stand-up routine based around Lyons Tea.

Christian Hughes said...

Please tell me it doesn't involve facepaint ;)

Will Knott said...

I'm thinking of the parodies due soon. Will there be "dirty talk" for Valentine's Day (cue too old ladies talking about cleaning products... what were you thinking?)

(and not that will up there)