Monday, March 8, 2010

The Pedal Project

DCTV’s new series, The Pedal Project, looks at the current thinking behind our city's transport system and is an absolute must for everyone who commutes to work. The series looks at the opinion and position of local authorities, universities and the residents of Dublin. The aim being to create a conversation both within and about the cycling movement.

The Pedal project is not a simple documentary or one sided analysis. This is an ongoing debate within the public view and an insight into the complexity and variety of opinion that currently exists. Foremost though, this is a collaborative endeavour and your opinion is wanted. Your contribution is wanted.

One Less Car

"When you go out onto the streets of Dublin looking for bikes, bring the footage you find back into the edit suite and re-mix it with some important words of advice from the past and good tunes this is what you get. Part snapshot of the zeitgeist part cycling agit-prop this is one of the best developed examples of Irish alternative television production."

Two Wheeled City

"As Dublin has grown wealthier we have become carcooned, basing our personal and city transport system on the car. We know this isn’t working – but what is the alternative and how do we get there. Speaking to academics and elected officials, council planners and staff, campaigners and cyclists – Two Wheeled City constructs a convincing case and viable plan to recast Dublin as a cyclable city."

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