Thursday, December 8, 2011

Irish Language Social Media Site

---Press Release---

Abair Leat!, the world’s first social network exclusively dedicated to a minority language – Irish – will be launched on to the Irish market in the New Year.

In the run up to the launch, Abair Leat! is calling on anyone with an interest in the Irish language or interested in learning Irish to become beta testers and try out the new social media site. This will provide the company with useful feedback on the workings of the site. Those interested are asked to log on to and create an account with Abair Leat! - to be one of the first people to use the new social network outside the company.

AbairLeat! will be the world’s first social network / user generated content application exclusively dedicated to Gaeilge. The online network has the immediate effect of transforming learners into users. Abair Leat! uses custom made software that checks the percentage of Irish language content in all updates and posts. The network will be extremely useful for student with built in translation and spell check support. The site is also a great way for students to interact with each other in Irish in preparation for their Leaving Cert or college examinations.

Abair Leat! came about when staff of Irish college Coláiste Lurgan in Galway wished to work with new developments in IT to enable students to prepare for a cúrsa Gaeilge on their home PCs. The Abair Leat! project was then undertaken by web designers Block 5 Design to develop a series of online Irish games. Since then, Abair Leat! has gone from strength to strength with a new partnership emerging in 2011 with world renowned US-based online business Fantasy Interactive (FI) to create a unique social media site for the Irish Language.

FI is one of the world’s leading interactive agencies based in New York. Fantasy Interactive specialise in interactive design, mobile and application development and social media for some of the biggest brands in the world such as Google, Red Bull, CNN, and Fox. With such an extensive resume behind them, the team is happy to say they have created something completely unique to the social media world.

Abair Leat! aims to have up to 50,000 users by the end of 2012. Be one of the first to sample this unique IT experience by logging on to , create an account and get corresponding ‘as Gaeilge’.

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