Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Electric Ireland ‘Office Energy Expert’

Electric Ireland helps businesses make savings of up to 20%

Yesterday Electric Ireland launched an innovative first to market tool designed to help business customers save money. The tool allows businesses to implement a managed approach to eliminating electricity waste. In a few simple steps, the Office Energy Expert, can reduce electricity costs and consumption. The SEAI commented that by using the tool, a company could reasonably achieve a 20% reduction in their energy bills by 'good housekeeping measures' alone.

The Office Energy Expert tool will take a detailed look at office energy use and make energy efficiency accessible, simple and affordable. From there the tool highlights the opportunities available to easily and simply include energy efficiency and sustainability in the day-to-day routine of both managers and employees. The tool is perfect for all business types both large and small, and works across industries. To try the Office Energy Expert click here.

Liam Molloy, General Manager, Electric Ireland said; “Electric Ireland is working hard to empower our customers to make choices to suit their energy consumption and energy efficiency needs in these challenging times. A tool like the Office Energy Expert is free and easy to use. Companies do not need to incur large costs to make a real difference to their energy costs, with savings of up to 20% wholly achievable by using this tool.”

Patricia Callan, Director, the Small Firms Association (SFA) welcomes the new application which will assist small businesses to improve efficiency: “The Office Energy Expert is a welcome tool for Irish businesses as being mindful of the need to monitor and use energy more efficiently can only be good news and I suspect it will gain plenty of support among small to medium sized business when they see what it can mean for them in terms of savings.”

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