Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Hard Hitting ISPCC Campaign

This week the ISPCC launched their latest campaign to drive awareness on the subject of emotional abuse. The tv ad (above) is being supported by the following three 48 sheet posters (which will appear next week from Monday 28th on sites nationwide) and the two radio ads below them (the 3rd titled ‘Bitch’ was too strong for radio stations, but is available on the ISPCC website).

48 Sheet Posters

Radio Ads

The phrases used throughout the campaign are harsh and possibly offensive to some. But the sad reality is that they are mild in relation to what is really said to the children who call looking for help. The shield image you see in the posters and TV ad are used as symbols of protection for children. By wearing a shield pin, you are helping to support the ISPCC in its fight to protect children.

This is a confrontational campaign but it was felt this approach was needed in order to draw attention to the growing issue in Irish Society of emotional abuse. In 2011 over 54,000 (14%) of contacts to the ISPCC dealt with this issue.

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