Friday, September 18, 2009

Interbrand's Top 100 Global Brands 2009

When it comes to the world's biggest brands, the interesting stuff usually never involves the top 5. It's far more interesting to look at midtable battles. The ribvalries and one-up-manships that go on between 50th and 20th places. This year it looks like Google have scored the biggest rise in brand value, with a 25% increase on 2008 estimated brand value. Google now sit at 7th place with a value of nearly $32bn. Not far off them, Amazon grew an wxtremely healthy 22% to almost $8bn.

As has been the trend over the last decade, technology companies have seen huge growth, however it may be the retail brands such as Zara and H&M that are the biggest surprises, both increasing their brand value despite the recession. That said, the recession has had a negative effect on many brands; including Morgan Stanley, HSBC and American Express, who all saw major drops.

Sitting in the revered top five sector, Coca-Cola remains the world's most valuable brand for the 9th year in a row, at $69bn.

RankBrand2009 Value $m%change 08Country
1Coca-Cola687343% US
2IBM602112% US
3Microsoft56647-4% US
4GE47777-10% US
5Nokia34864-3% Finland
6McDonald's322754% US
7Google3198025% US
8Toyota31330-8% Japan
9Intel30636-2% US
10Disney28447-3% US
11Hewlett-Packard24962% US
12Mercedes-Benz23867-7% Germany
13Gillette228414% US
14Cisco22303% US
15BMW21671-7% Germany
16Louis Vuitton21120-2% France
17Marlboro1910-11% US
18Honda17803-7% Japan
19Samsung17518-1% S. Korea
20Apple1544312% US
21H&M1537511% Sweden
22American Express14971-32% US
23Pepsi137063% US
24Oracle13699-1% US
25Nescafe133172% Switzerland
26Nike131794% US
27SAP12106-1% Germany
28Ikea12410% Sweden
29Sony11953-12% Japan
30Budweiser118333% US
31UPS11594-8% US
32HSBC10510-20% Britain
33Canon10441-4% Japan
34Kellogg's104287% US
35Dell10291-12% US
36Citi1025449% US
37J.P. Morgan9550-11% US
38Goldman Sachs9248-10% US
39Nintendo92105% Japan
40Thomson Reuters84341% Canada
41Gucci8182-1% Italy
42Philips8121-2% Netherlands
43Amazon785822% US
44L'Oreal77483% France
45Accenture7710-3% US
46eBay7350-8% US
47Siemens7308-8% Germany
48Heinz72449% US
49Ford75-11% US
50Zara678914% Spain
51Wrigley673110% US
52Colgate65502% US
53AXA6525-7% France
54MTV6523-9% US
55Volkswagen6484-8% Germany
56Xerox64311% US
57Morgan Stanley6399-26% US
58Nestle631913% Switzerland
59Chanel640-5% France
60Danone596010% France
61KFC57223% US
62Adidas53976% Germany
63Blackberry51387% Canada
64Yahoo!5111-7% US
65Audi510-7% Germany
66Caterpillar54-5% US
67Avon4917-7% US
68Rolex4609-7% Switzerland
69Hyundai4604-5% S. Korea
70Hermes4981% France
71Kleenex4404-5% US
72UBS4370-50% Switzerland
73Harley-Davidson4337-43% US
74Porsche4234-8% Germany
75Panasonic4225-1% Japan
76Tiffany & Co.40-5% US
77Cartier3968-6% France
78Gap3922-10% US
79Pizza Hut3876-5% US
80Johnson&Johnson38477% US
81Allianz3831-5% Germany
82Moet & Chandon3754-5% France
83BP3716-5% Britain
84Smirnoff36983% Britain
85Duracell3563-3% US
86Nivea35575% Germany
87Prada3530-2% Italy
88Ferrari35270% Italy
89Armani3303-6% Italy
90Starbucks3263-16% US
91Lancome3235 N/A France
92Shell3228-7% Netherlands
93Burger King3223 N/A US
94Visa3170-5% US
95Adobe3161 N/A US
96Lexus3158-12% Japan
97Puma3154 N/A Germany
98Burberry395 N/A Britain
99PoloRalphLauren394 N/A US
100Campbell's381 N/A US

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