Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Prepare to be seriously wowed! This is just about the most exciting, spine-tingling, stop-you-in-your-tracks visual technology I have seen EVER! I know 3D has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, but this for me just blows 3D away.

You'll be forgiven for thinking this looks similar to Google Streetview, because it does. However, the big difference with YellowBird is that it records video instead of photographs. Utilising six cleverly divided lenses, the camera can capture every possible viewing direction. The system doesn't hold anything back either, and through a double glass-fiber connection, it streams 1200 Mbit of information per second in raw uncompressed format. Of course no video is complete without sound so the system uses a surround sound microphone recording audio at 96 khz.

What makes the system even more remarkable is that, unlike the Google Car, the equipment can be worn on a person's back as the roam around your location. This opens up so much potential it's scary. Alternatively the system can also be mounted on a static or mobile tripod, mounted on a car or helicopter.

Now just hit play and enjoy...

apologies that the video is flowing over
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YellowBird is a Dutch company founded by Marc Groothelm and Rafaël Redczus in March of this year (2009). The story, however, begins way back in 1999 when Rafaël launched a technology that allowed for the creation of still 3-D images. The technology was revolutionary to say the least and immediately attracted the attention of global brands such as Volkswagen, ABN-AMRO, Center Parcs, Big Brother and the Netherlands Railway.

Then 2 years later in 2001, Rafaël learnt about a new technology that could capture a moveable 3-D image as a spherical shape. Unfortunately the systems were expensive and required computers beyond the reach of your average person at the time. However, with the arrival of Flash 9, online video and 3-D exploded.

A short time later Marc and Rafaël met at Groningen University. From here the pair formed a dynamic partnership with Marc adding Strategy & Innovation to the mix, allowing them to drastically improve and couple these existing technologies.

The result is "
a technologically advanced business that aims to claim a strong position in the international world of film, working directly for clients, and in partnership with advertising agencies and film production companies, offering the most intense film experience online today."

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