Friday, May 29, 2009

Augmented Reality Pizza

This is by far one of my favourite Augmented Reality campaigns to date. It's really slick. Just log-on to Papa John's Roadtrip, download and print an icon of founder John Schnatter's 1972 Camaro (that he sold 25 years ago to open his first restaurant), pop it front of your webcam and virtually drive the car. What's really good is that instead of a standalone driving game, while driving you get access to exclusive discounts for Papa John's, displayed on virtual billboards along the virtual road.

In June, Papa John's will also be adding the icon to the bottom of pizza boxes - the first time a brand has made augmented reality available at point-of-purchase.

"Augmented reality is consistent with our continued emphasis on exploring technology in ways that provide better value and connection to our customers, as well as enhance our ability to engage them in ways above and beyond the transaction," said Jim Ensign, Papa John's vice president of marketing communications. "We were at the forefront of online ordering and text ordering, and augmented reality takes our digital marketing approach to a new dimension."

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Nick McGivney said...

Remember the adage about the Yukon goldrush: it wasn't the miners who struck it rich, it was the guys selling the shovels. So on that note, I propose a business plan: reinforced tubular steel office chairs. Because when Papa John's are through with everyone there are gonna be a lot of pizza-scarfin' Jabbas who need reinforced chairs. And possibly shovels too. Allamsayn. :)