Friday, May 1, 2009

Chrome Goes Viral

In his AdAge article, Michael Learmonth describes Google as having "ambled into the Safari-Explorer-Firefox derby" with the introduction of their browser Chrome last year, and to be fair it would be very hard to argue differently. Internet Explorer, the often controversial and always-included option, has been around forever and still holds as favourite for many web explorers. Safari, the streamlined mac browser, is without doubt the Apple users favourite. Firefox, the new kid on the block, has come out of no where to totally dominate many demographics of net users. So why try and take on these goliaths, and not do it with gusto and determination?

Well, they may not have done anything spectacular to date, but that has just changed. The global-hyper-mega-corp that is the world's search leader has releasing 11 short films to promote their offering in the browser wars. That's a lot of weight in this and it's sure to drive a serious amount of traffic and interest. But is it really likely to drive any downloads?

When I recently reviewed my site visitor stats, I was some what surprised to see just how big a percentage of them were Firefox users. Understandably this may be slanted by my content but still, it's a huge proportion.

Take a look and see what you think...

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