Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Male Copywriter

There are very few people not effected by the current global economic situation. Whatever sector you work in, you probably know people who have been laid off. But what if you are one of those people. What if, following 15 years of hard grift, you find yourself 'let go'?

Hope and pray that it all gets better? Pretend you know anything about coffee other then how to drink it and become a barista in the local Starbucks?

As Carlsberg would have us think, it's not always A or B, there's probably a C. And sure enough, if you're Lawson Clarke, there definitely is. It might be a little 'out there' but at the very least, it's a way to get known.

After his 15 years of copywriting for clients like Ocean Spray, Carnival and Strongbow, Lawson was another casualty of 'uncertain times' and found himself without work. Not willing to let his unemployment stop him, he created his site: Male Copywriter.

This is essential viewing.

In some sort of crazy cross between Ron Burgandy and Dirk Diggler, Lawson demonstrates him impressive work profile against a backdrop of 70's style porn shoot, with Lawson atop a bear skin rug, hair cheast cascading down his front, and the Star Spangled Banner belting through your speakers. Hopefully the tongue is firmly in the cheek, as if this is anything other then SNL style humour we should all be very scared. None-the-less, this is still must see digital and a potential 'how-to' for anyone else out of work with a bit of creative ability.


Kevin Dunne said...

Hi Christian, are you surprised more copywriters, agencies, etc don't use blogs to showcase their work? Brando is the only agency I'm aware of that has a blog.

Christian Hughes said...

Hi Kevin, not surprised with agencies/copywriters etc. using blogs at all - check out Cybercom.ie, we have a blog (one of the other places I contribute) and as an example of a copywriting blog check out Nick McGivney's Adland Ireland (http://adlandireland.blogspot.com/). I know Nick personally and he writes some amazing stuff - did brilliant work for me on Ulster Bank RBS 6 Nations - give him a call if you every need a copywriter.

I think the most interesting thing about the Lawson Clarke's approach here is that he's using a very visual means to sdemonstrate his copywriting skills - not what you might expect at all.

Kevin Dunne said...

Hi Christian, I follow Nick's blog and he's popped by mine a few times. I don't know how I managed to forget to mention this and Cybercom in my comment. Apologies. I need to think a bit more before writing.

Totally agree on your point about Lawson Clarke's approach.