Thursday, September 17, 2009

Whose View & The Best Pizza in Dublin

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with the guys behind the site Myself and a small group of bloggers and Tweeters were invited over to The Casting Couch to answer the question, what is the best pizza in Dublin?. The task was to blind taste test 6 different pizzas (each in plain cheese or peperoni), comment on all aspects on the pizza, and score them out of ten.

It was a tough job but I felt up to the challenge.

I should probably stop here and fully explain what any of this had to do with the internet. is a review site based entirely on user generated review. You review whatever you want to review and you review it exactly as you want to. An excellent way to understand this is to look at one of WhoseView's most popular reviews todate: Luke's review of The Winding Stair. What you'll gather from this is that the site prides itself on the honesty and openness of its members. Unlike other Irish review sites, there is no moderation in relation to positivity or negativity of a review.

This makes WhoseView a real gem. For once you can be assured that someone's review hasn't been edited or curtailed to reflect more favourably then the member intended. The functionality of the site itself is also a real winner. The site is driven by a principle of user facilitation and user functionality. Members can use the site more like a social network. Add friends, comment on reviews and engage with people who have similar tastes/likes. In my mind this makes perfect sense. You actually get to communicate with other members and get can share your opinion - essential for a review service, and yet this is the first time someone has really done it.

Right, so back to the pizza issue.

I don't eat huge amounts if pizza but I know what I like and there's a big difference between good pizza and bad pizza. In this instant it became immediately clear that there is a kaleidoscope of areas a pizza can fall down, or excel. We considered the base, the sauce, the cheese, the peperoni, the cooking (ranging from burnt to undercooked) and how it all came together.

The results may surprise you... (in reverse order)
6. Godfather’s Leeson Street
5. Apache Pearse Street
4. Hell Wexford Street
3. Four Star Ranelagh
2. Domino’s Rathmines

and in first place: Bianconi’s in Ranelagh

All in all, it was a brilliant night and a lot of fun. The most important thing is that these guys have realised exactly what is needed on a review site. Real, honest, genuine reviews that come straight from people you can see and talk to. Hat tips to you guys, a job very well done.

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Mick said...

thanks christian for the great post and endorsement of site. Delighted to know you enjoyed the night and hopefully we'll see you at the next Guinness tasting event:-)