Friday, January 16, 2009

Durex Balloon Animals

I hope it's not just me, but this is absolutely hilarious. Something about balloon animals in this situation just put me in histerics.

Durex have taken a couple of non-descript balloon animals, obviously made with Durex, and put together a few kama-sutric examples of the birds and bees favourite passtime.

Creative Director, Robert Rugan, dubbed the video kama-balloon-animal-sutra. sating, "When you get the chance to create 'kama-balloon-animal-sutra', everyone involved gets really stoked about pushing the boundaries as much as possible". Director Michael Wharton added, "It's a rare opportunity to actually get to work on a project that is so raw and speaks directly to the very core of the human psyche ... I mean, who doesn't like balloon animals?!"

This really is a great ad, and the tag line...... "Get it on". Fitzgerald+CO, the agency behind the ad, have really done something special here. I definitely think this has staying power.

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