Monday, January 19, 2009

Yes, Pecan!

Looking forward to tomorrow's big event I was doing a bit of research and I found several articles about Ben and Jerry's latest flavour 'Yes, Pecan!'.

Described as an 'Inspirational Blend. Amber Waves of Buttery Ice Cream with Roasted Non-Partisan Pecans', 'Yes, Pecan!' is the newest ice-cream flavour from the two guys in Vermont, in obvious celebration of Obama's acceptance catchphrase 'Yes, we can'.

In a interesting addition to the story, during the month of January, for every serving of 'Yes, Pecan!' that is bought Ben and Jerry’s is donating the proceeds to the
Common Cause Education Fund. The fund is a nonprofit organisation founded for members of the public to make their voices heard in the political process. The main drives are honest, open and accountable government, as well as encouraging participation in democracy. They also actively fund research, education, and outreach activities.

They have a Facebook page to check out.

Also worth having a quick look at this great Will.I.Am video, a mash-up from Obama's acceptance speech.

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