Friday, January 29, 2010

New York Festival's International Advertising Awards

For over fifty years The New York Festival's International Advertising Awards has represented the pinnacle achievement that any advertiser or creative could receive. The awards honour the World's best advertising from over 70 different countries, across all media and platforms: television, cinema, print, outdoor, interactive, design, mixed media, collateral, radio and student advertising. The 2010 deadline for submissions has now passed and the countdown is on to the Oscar's of the advertising world.

There are two things that make the awards stand out from all others. First, the awards draw on the experience of over 250 jury members from 60 countries. Secondly, the awards are judged completely online with each entry assured it receives the proper amount of time and attention, free from outside distractions and unsolicited opinions. The system is specially designed to prevent any scam ads, with the judges encouraged to flag suspected scam ad and write confidential comments supporting their suspicions.

This year the awards have expanded to include the 'Boutique Agency of the Year' award that honours agencies that are not affiliated with a network and have less than 75 employees. A second addition sees the creation of the 'Best New Agency' award to recognise new agencies that have started up in the last 24 months. The new award allows "
agencies in business for less than two years to compete and be recognised for their creative achievements, their ability to garner international exposure and the impact their work has on the marketplace".

Details on the 2010 New York Festivals International Advertising Awards for Digital and Interactive can be found here. To get an idea of the calibre of entries that the awards pull in, just take a look at the judging panel!

Digital & Interactive Advertising GrandJury:
  • Mark Addy, Digital Creative Director, JWT, Auckland, NZ
  • Fernando Barbella, Interactive Creative Director, BBDO, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Ana Caralt, Creative Director, TribalDDB, Barcelona, Spain
  • Orlando Cristofalo, Digital Planning & Creative Coordination, GLUE, Argentina
  • Christian Daul, Creative Director, Scholz & Volkmer, Wiesbaden, Germany
  • Pal Dobloug, Creative Director, Mediafront, Oslo, Norway
  • Niklas Fransson, Creative Director, Rebenga, Sweden
  • Martin Garrocho, Interactive Creative Director, Grey, Santiago, Chile
  • Niklas Fransson, Creative Director, Rebenga, Sweden
  • Srdjan Gulic, Chief Creative Officer, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Kevin Lee, Executive Creative Director, OgilvyOne, Shanghai, China
  • Jungwon Lee, CEO/Strategic Director,, Seoul, Korea
  • Anto Noval, Director/Chief Creative Officer, Hungry & Foolish Creative Products Pvt. Ltd., India
  • Edu Pou, Creative Director, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Frédéric (Fredo) Sanz, Executive Creative Director, DoubleYou, Barcelona, Spain
  • Doug Schiff, Executive Creative Director, OgilvyOne, Beijing, China
  • Gabor Spielmann, Executive Creative Director, Grey, Budapest, Hungary
  • Raphael Vasconcellos, Executive Creative Director, AgenciaClick, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Greg Whitham, Interactive Creative Director, Ogilvy, NZ

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