Monday, January 18, 2010

Social Media & SEO

Last August Adam Singer wrote this excellent post on how Social Media has become inextricably linked to SEO. Adam talks about the reinforcement that each gives the other, in a continuously, self-perpetuating cycle. In the last five months I've seen Adam's theory proven true time and time again, both on commercial endeavours and private websites and blogs. Very simply, the links between Social Media and SEO are undeniable.

The 10 key points that Adam laid out are:

  • Search Engines become more sophisticated and powerful
  • An active Social Media push of content builds ever stronger links
  • Regular, original content creates more opportunity to be found through search
  • Search Engines like very regularly updated sites
  • Social Media use drives increased successes
  • Social Media can be build on
  • Beyond links it's also about Digital PR
  • Social Media Communities help grow themselves
  • Content discovered through Social Media is more likely to be shared
  • Engaging, well thought out content is the best

Whether you have your own website or work on a website(s) as part of your job, I highly recommend going and reading Adam's full post.

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