Saturday, January 10, 2009

Facebook Q4 2008 Changes

The following data was gathered through Facebook's advertising management system. As such these are not confirmed actual figures. The actual numbers may be larger, but this is what Facebook says is available for advertising purposes.

  • Q4 2008 saw the total population of Facebook going from 100 million users to 138.6 million (a 27.55% increase)
  • With 42 million users the US is still the largest segment of Facebook users (282% greater than the next closest country the UK)
  • Italy and Romania gained over 400% in new users, however the US led by total population gain at 9 million new users
  • Wiith over 25% each of their total population Facebook users, Norway and Canada are way ahead of everyone
  • South Africa was the only country to lose population in Q4
  • Macedonia and Oman were new additions to Facebook in Q4 2008
Big thanks to Matt whom I got this information from.


Matt Dickman said...

Christian -- Glad you liked the research and thanks for linking to the post. Great to meet you.

Christian Hughes said...

Hey Matt, I read your blog all the time - great posting! thanks for the message.