Thursday, January 22, 2009

Light Lane

If anyone's ever had to cycle a bike around Dublin, you'll know that at the best of times you're taking your life into your own hands. Now imagine you could have a cycle lane everywhere you went. Well here you go.

Ok, fair enough, it's not exactly a cycle lane everywhere you go but it does help to make drivers aware of you as you cycle. Using lasers, the system projects an illuminated bike lane all around you wherever you go. Pretty sweet.


Mark Coughlan said...

Thats fantastic. Where can you get them?

Christian Hughes said...

As far as I can tell Mark, it's a Dutch company that is working on these, exclusively for sale outside The Netherlands (as EVERYONE in The Netherlands cycles and lanes exist almost everywhere, they don't feel there's a market there). However, it is currently just a concept and actual production is at least end 2009. Still, fingers crossed!