Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Compare the Meerkat Ad

I posted about the first ad a little time ago, and was extremely excited to find out this morning that there is a second ad out now. Unfortunately I can't seem to find it available to embed, so you'll have to check it out here.

All-in-all, this campaign is simply brilliant. Considering a fairly flooded UK market, for comparision websites, this campaign has thrust straight to the top of everyone's minds. It's fun and quirky, but above all it's complete. Here we have a perfect example of a campaign that integrates a seriously heavy weight suite of marketing tools and manages to utilise each to their maximum effectiveness.

Compare The Meerkats is centered around a viral concept. It is the new Cadbury's Gorilla. The campaign has a host of digital executions including a microsite, youtube clips, facebook page and a fantastic twitter feed (this is particularly good with personalised messages and regular updates).

The people behind this are CTM, and I think they deserve a serious pat on the back - this is one of my campaigns of the year for sure!


Anonymous said...

It's a really good camapign, new gorilla it aint. That was a real cultural phenom, a one off.

To be fair to this camapign it's making more of a digital effort than gorilla ever did...gorilla just relied on its raw humour to get it passed on really.

VCCP the agency behind the idea by the way, i'm not sure if the digital agency you mentioned is part of VCCP or not

I saw you posted on Scamp where would irish agencies rank on his chart...well he wouldnt have seen much of their work so that would be hard...the chart would simply have chemistry on the far right, qmp a bit behind...then cawleys, mcconnells and owens....

far left ddfh&b, Ogilvy, II

Christian Hughes said...

I think I may have to take offence that you didn't mention Cybercom.