Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dancing with Matt

I had the great pleasure to meet two of the most striking individuals I've ever come across recently. At Cybercom's 10 Year Conference Matt Harding and Mike Walsh were both brought in to speak. To say that both these guys are impressive would be to do them an injustice.

Matt spoke on the power of the individual to connect people and cultures. He showed that the simplest thing can bring people together in a real bond of friendship and community, even if they've never met and speak different languages.

Mike gave a discussion entitled 'Tomorrowland - Tales of the near future'. Mike's presentation was without question the best presentation I have ever seen in my life. Within seconds the room was captivated and proceeded to hang on his every word for the next hour. Mike showed exactly why, what many of us see as sci-fi and distant future technology, is in fact right on our doorsteps already.

The videos of the conference are currently rendering and will be available on Monday, so stay tuned if you weren't at the conference because these will be unmissable viewing!

For now, however, enjoy this video of the Cybercom crew dancing with Matt Harding on the Roof Garden at The Odessa Club...

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