Friday, October 23, 2009

Malibu: Drink Mixer

Slight bit of déjà vu today with updates on two campaigns that I previous blogged about. Following this morning's Budweiser Lyrics update of sorts I got an email from Francois in Great Works to let me know that Malibu's Radio Maliboom Boom has just launched the latest digital instalment of their campaign: the Malibu Drink Mixer.

The Malibu Drink Mixer is a digital tool that offers the perfect drink recipe by playing around with sonic variables that correspond to a range of different taste preferences. And if that doesn't sound like some serious high tech wizardry then I don't know what does!

The whole thing has been designed by a team of renowned DJs, and is said to provide "a deep sensory experience by allowing fans to experiment with mixing sound and taste together". All in all the Malibu Drink Mixer offers 625 beat variations and 81 different drink recipes, with the drink outcome offered to the user along with a corresponding recipe and downloadable MP3 that can be used as a ringtone, shared with friends or posted to their blog.

For me that's probably the two best parts, not only providing you with something to take away in the form of the recipe and MP3, but allowing you to easily push the content out into your network to share with friends. I definitely recommend giving it a go - good fun to get you into the weekend mood, or at least the tropical island mood, which going by the weather from the last couple of days is probably a great thought for all of us ;)

Check out the latest Maliboom Boom Radio ad - DJ Bernhard helps get the grove flowing

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