Thursday, June 5, 2008


Last Sunday (June 1st) saw the launch of the new Honda Accord. Although the story of the car is itself a good one (a complete redesign from the ground up incorporating Honda’s various racing technologies in a family saloon), the campaign behind it's launch is far more interesting.

Based on the concept of ‘Difficult Is Worth Doing’, Honda set about to perform a formation skydive live during an ad break. While in free fall, the 19 Skydivers wwould then sequentially spell out the letters H, O, N, D ,A.

“We are hoping to give people insight, to let people in, to a certain degree, with what is happening,” said the Honda account director at W&K London, Jonathan Tapper. “With previous ads such as Cog and Choir we have been open about how we made them because the story behind the production is often as interesting as the commercial itself.” “By giving people understanding about the ad before it launches, not after, it gives substance and authenticity to what Honda is saying,” Tapper said.

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