Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nike Free Run+ & DJ Daito Manabe and co.

It seems that I've posted a lot of videos etc. all stemming from shoe and clothing companies. The truth is though, that's simply because it seems to be fashion labels that are pushing digital. It's fashion brands that are using digital as their primary and key communications channel. And so here we have yet another genius piece of marketing from a fashion label, this time Nike.

This is the new Japanese campaign for Nike's Free Run+ shoes. This is a smart and stunning collaboration with DJ Daito Manabe and co., and sees the crew pumping out the 'chunes' in the oddest of ways. Using specially outfitted runners equipped with the newest flex sensors (the new sensors change resistance when bent), the pair achieve awesome effects controls. Check this out, and try not to be imptressed!

(via Gav via Engadget)

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