Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lyons Gold Blend: Ireland’s Top Storyteller

Today Lyons Gold Blend has started a search for Ireland’s Top Storyteller. There latest campaign teams up with comedian Karl Spain, author and actress Claudia Carroll and storyteller Clare Muireann Murphy in a search for Ireland’s Top Storyteller - essentially Ireland's top talker.

Bringing on their ongoing campaign around the ‘secret ingredient’ in Lyons Tea and the adding of ‘richer talk’ to the tea to give Lyons Gold Blend its richer, full bodied taste, the campaign will seek out those with the gift of the gab and ask them to tell a rich and original two minute tale for a chance to win €10,000.

To enter just visit the Lyons Tea website and upload your entry in an MP3 or video file, or call 1513 415 010 to record their richer tale over the phone*. The story can be fact or fiction, from everyday life, from a favourite childhood memory, to a folk tale or even modern take on a classic children's story.

The six entries with the most votes will attend the National Final in Dublin in April and the entry with the most votes per province following the closing date will also receive a special prize.

On the site you can also hear a two minute tale from each of the judges to give you some inspiration.

Speaking of the search for Ireland’s Top Storyteller, Liz Finlay, Marketing Manager, Lyons Tea said, “Irish people all love a good story over a cuppa. Our Gold Blend richer tasting tea celebrates the telling of rich and colourful stories by searching for the best of Irish storytellers. And we really hit the "teapot” with our judging panels, some of Ireland’s best storytellers, Karl Spain, Claudia Carroll and Clare Muireann Murphy. So if you have a great story, or just want to have a listen, we urge everybody to go online and vote.”

In addition, Lyons Gold Blend will be running week long radio promotions on Dublin’s Q102, Galway Bay FM, Limerick Live 95FM and Cork’s 96FM from today to find four finalists to compete alongside the other six at the national final.

Speaking about the storytelling competition, Claudia Carroll, said, “We've a long a proud tradition of storytelling in Ireland and I think it's brilliant that Lyons are keeping the flames burning. I'm so looking forward to this gig as I know only too well, with most of us, the problem is never getting us to tell our stories...it's getting us to shut up that's the hard part. So if you think you've got the gift of the gab...we want to hear from you!"

Sharing his thoughts on what makes a good story, comedian Karl Spain said, “Well I obviously think humour is one of the key things for a good story to keep the audience interested. It can be difficult to get the funnies in but it can be hard to listen to a story without them. But the most important thing is the story itself, a good tale well told. When people get together in Ireland whatever the occasion it’s always about the swapping of stories. Be it birthdays or even funerals…its all about the stories.”

"This is a great chance for anyone in the country to try out their storytelling skills. It's brilliant to see Lyons tea promoting this dynamic art form that is such an integral part of the Irish personality. I can't wait to see the stories that get sent in", said Clare Muireann Murphy, renowned Irish storyteller.

Ireland’s Top 10 storytellers will go to a national final in Dublin where they can talk themselves into winning a Golden Cup and €10,000. The finalists will be given a series of storytelling challenges to complete in front of the panel of judges to see who wins the title of Ireland’s Top Storyteller. Closing date for receipt of entries is at midnight on Monday 11th April 2011.

*Calls cost €0.60 per call including VAT. Calls from mobile and other networks vary. You have two minutes to record your story. SP Phonovation Ltd. Helpline 0818 217 100

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