Friday, January 20, 2012

Talk To Joe With Lyons Tea

RTÉ Radio 1 announces Lyons Gold Blend Tea as
new sponsor of RTE Radio 1’s Liveline with Joe Duffy

You may have noticed that I have a bit of a soft spot for Lyons Tea - you can find several posts on their recent work here on Digitology. So I'm delighted to announce that Lyons Tea has joined forces with RTÉ Radio 1’s Liveline. The Lyons Gold Blend brand – “the richer tasting tea” – will is now the sponsor of the country’s 2nd most listened to radio show (398,000 listeners) with an exciting 12 month sponsorship deal.

Liz Finlay, Marketing Manager, Lyons Tea commented: “We are thrilled to be the new show sponsor. Lyons Tea has long been associated with the art of conversation through its ‘Talk’ campaigns and there is no better talker or facilitator of talk than RTE Radio 1 presenter Joe Duffy – it’s the perfect pairing.”

Tara Farrell, Sponsorship Manager, RTÉ Radio said: “The Lyons Tea Liveline sponsorship is a significant one for RTÉ Radio 1. Lyons Tea, of course, is an institution, and so is Liveline. We look forward to a successful year ahead for both partners and, yes, lots of talk!.”

The sponsorship package includes six sponsor credited stings per day, a 12 month presence on the Liveline home page, podcast sponsorship plus sponsorship of all Liveline Funny Friday outside broadcasts.

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