Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Use The Force With Xbox360 Kinect

----Press Release----

Feel the force as a Jedi and explore the magical world of Pixar with Kinect for Xbox 360

Ever dreamt of becoming a Jedi and battling with Darth Vader in your living room? Or joining Woody from Toy Story in a fast paced adventure in your own home? Soon these dreams will become a reality with Kinect for Xbox 360 and two highly anticipated partnerships with Disney·Pixar and Star Wars, which will see these iconic brands come to life in fun and innovative ways for families to enjoy in the home.

Exciting new games such as “Kinect Star Wars ™” and “Kinect Rush: A Disney·Pixar Adventure”, will give both parents and kids the chance to jump in and out of the fun with no controller required. The power of Kinect places you in the Star Wars Universe to live out the ultimate Jedi fantasy. Stunning visuals and graphics transport you into many of the worlds in the movies where you can train to be a Jedi, pilot iconic ships and Speeder Bikes, race Pods, dance for Jabba the Hutt and much more.

In “Kinect Rush: A Disney·Pixar Adventure”, Kinect transforms you into a unique character to help your Pixar friends and dive into five exciting movie worlds to discover hidden secrets and solve puzzles. Become a superspy in “Cars”, save the day as a robot in “Toy Story”, adventure through Paris as a clever rat in “Ratatouille”, stop the Omnidroid as a superhero in “The Incredibles”, and help Karl as an intrepid Wilderness Explorer in “UP”.

In addition to these titles, Kinect for Xbox 360 is also home to the best and broadest selection of games and experiences for the whole family to enjoy including “Double Fine Happy Action Theatre”, “Kinect: Disneyland Adventures” and the “Kinectimals” franchise.

Parents and caregivers will also be assured by the Family Settings provided by Xbox 360. These offer tools and resources to help them decide who their children can interact with online, what video games can be played and for how long, and what movies can be watched etc. to ensure safer and healthier gaming habits.

Kinect for Xbox 360 is a great value for the whole family. The all-in-one Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect includes the new Xbox 360 4GB console, Kinect sensor and “Kinect Adventures,” priced at ERP €299. Or for those who have an Xbox 360 console1 at home, the stand-alone Kinect for Xbox 360, priced at ERP €149.99, includes the Kinect sensor and “Kinect Adventures,” and works with the 45 million Xbox 360 consoles currently in homes worldwide.

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