Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Eason's Predictions For Father’s Day

Sales of sports book soared by 62% in the week of Father’s Day in 2011

With Father’s Day just a few days away, Eason, Ireland’s leading retailer of books, stationery, magazines and more, predicts a significant jump in sales of sports books amid the mania of Euro 2012 and with the Olympics not far behind.

Eason’s top five sporting books – the ideal gift for Father’s Day include:
Green is the colour by Stephen Byrne
La Roja by Jimmy Burns
Joking Apart by Donnacha O’Callaghan
Born to Ride by Stephen Roche
Beautiful Brutality by Adam Smith

Looking back at sales figures from 2011, Eason noted a huge increase in the sales for Sport, DIY/Gardening and History books during the week of Father’s Day in comparison to figures from the previous week. Sporting titles increased by almost 62% compared to the week before Father’s Day while sales in DIY/Gardening books jumped by 52%. History book sales also spiked the week leading up to Father’s Day when compared to previous week, with 37% jump.

Maria Dickenson, Head of Book Purchasing, Eason, commented, “Books make a great gift for Father’s Day and at Eason we have something to suit every dad! Sports books are a front runner with the Euro 2012 but we have plenty of history, crime, DIY and fiction too for that rare non-sporting dad!”

Other Father’s Day book recommendations from Eason include:

D-Day by Anthony Beevor
All Hell Let Loose by Max Hastings
Seal Target Geronimo by Chuck Farrer
The End by Ian Kershaw
Trigger Time by Mick Flynn

DIY & Gardening
Collins Complete DIY Manual by Albert Jackson
DIY Manual by Readers Digest
DIY for Less by Readers Digest
Irish Gardeners Handbook by Michael Brennock
The Complete Gardener by Monty Don

True Crime
Badfellas by Paul Williams
Game Set Murder by Michael Sheridan
Cocaine Diaries by Paul Keany

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