Monday, January 28, 2013

SoundCloud Sound Banner

Today, Monday January 28th, SoundCloud will be advertising the platform (for the first time) in online outlets such as The Guardian, selected domains from Vice Network UK and US, and ad network placements ranging from, to Cosmopolitan, to BBC Music with the message: "Hear the World's Sounds."

What makes the new advertising campaign interesting is that SoundCloud developed - internally - a sound banner. A sound banner is a radical new format developed by SoundCloud's Creative Technologist to broaden brand awareness by maximizing the power of audio, SoundCloud's signature waveform, and the visualization of sound. Audio is at the heart of the message, is in alignment with the company's "sound first" outlook, supplementing the visuals in the banners.

The sound banner uses an advanced audio-enabled HTML5 specification and CSS3 animations (vs. Flash). The infrastructure of the sound banner uses the same SoundCloud SDK as our widgets, allowing them to easily communicate with and pull sounds from the wider SoundCloud platform.

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