Monday, June 24, 2013

Adtruism - The End of Slacktivism

Adtruism 'End of Slacktivism' Promo Video

Today sees the launch of social-tech start-up Adtruism. The new service allows anyone with a website or blog to effortlessly raise money for a worthy cause without asking for donations. An Adtruism widget, once placed on the website, displays commercial advertisements and Adtruism (a non-profit) transfers 100% of the ad-revenue to the chosen charity.

Student founder Brian McCormick hacked together a demo site in May of last year and got a great response from the online community. Developing the website and software in his spare time while studying law at UCD, he delayed launching the scalable platform until he had completed his finals.

Adtruism is being supported by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland through their Awards program and will receive between €33,000 and €200,000 worth of funding and support this October. Adtruism also receives pro bono support from companies including KPMG and ZEDO.

Worthy causes currently supported include the Make a Wish Foundation, UNICEF, and Doctors without Borders. Our growing network of socially responsible advertisers includes and Horizon, and Adtruism is currently being run by a team of student volunteers from UCD and Trinity.

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