Monday, October 19, 2009

Cadbury’s Make-A-Wish

Cadbury’s have just launched a new microsite for the UK and Ireland to support their sponsorship of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The site, which has been developed for Cadbury’s by Weapon7, introduces ‘The Wish Workshop’. ‘The Wish Workshop’ is the home of five unnamed, quirky characters who have a strange language all of their own.

The site offers five different films, all produced in a really cool old-school stop-frame animation. They show the five characters making and launching new wishes. The wishes which are represented by stars, will be added to the sky everytime new real-life wishes happen. The site also features a live stream to the homepage of all donations. Essentially visitors can see donations as they happen in real-time, including any donation that they make themselves.

Promotion of the site and campaign will be done on the 16million plus selection boxes that Cadbury's will sell over the Christmas period.


Unknown said...

Strange that they did put more effort into the 'wishes' page. Compared to other pages on the site it looks like an after thought.

Christian Hughes said...

Hi Julie, I'm not sure I understand what you mean by 'after thought'. The wishes page will continue to fill up as wished come in so it is a growing page so to speak. All in all I think it's an integral part of the site and very much fits in with the whole site design and strategy. Perhaps I haven't understood your point correctly?

Unknown said...

Hey Christian. I get that it will fill up over time. I meant in terms of the page style, text, graphics, etc as compared to the other pages on the site. All in all I like the site and think it fits in well with the overall campaign. Maybe it's just me but thought the wishes page stood out from the rest.

Christian Hughes said...

Ah I get you now (apologies - I'm having one of those days). Agreed, the page definitely stands out well, and I think that's a great thing because aside from all the other lovely video and rich content, for me, the wishes page is the most important. It's the place that all of Make A Wish's great work can be highlighted.