Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Smirnoff Be There, The Wedding Night

Since the beginning of last December, with their Masquerade Ball, Smirnoff have proven themselves many times over to be able to create unforgettable and extraordinary experiences. So considering the event that followed the Masquerade Ball was their Carnival Experience I guess it's no surprise that this Friday's event is just as out of the ordinary.

This Friday, 26th February, The Wright Venue, Swords, will play host to the wedding of the year with The Smirnoff Be There, The Wedding Night.

Forget royal footmen and exotic stilt-walkers. This is an evening of tiaras and tuxedos, with the simple rule being dress to impress. Girls are expected to wear that special dress, be it a simple elegant dress or the worlds biggest meringue. Then just choose your bridesmaids and grab Mr. Right. Smirnoff promise that nothing will be what you expect and above all it will be a night full of surprises; filled with an array of performers and theatrical acts.

About the Smirnoff BE THERE campaign
Most of us have been a part of experiences that are truly unforgettable and extraordinary. We talk about these experiences for years to come and revel in the fact that ‘we were there’. The word ‘there’ is often used to talk about amazing events or happenings. How many times have you heard someone say: I was there!? / Were you there? / I can’t believe you weren’t there! / Are you going there? / You’ve got to be there?! Smirnoff’s campaign is all about inspiring and enabling consumers to seek and create these unforgettable and extraordinary experiences – to BE THERE.

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