Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Match.com: 'Accidental Duet'

Every now and then you see an ad that just clicks. It works. It grabs your attention and really makes you pay attention. The following ad did just that for me. While I didn't feel compelled to go out and use the service promoted, I did instantly focus all attention on the ad and became fully aware of what the ad was for. It's kinda quirky and has a somewhat mushy sentimental feeling to it, but all that aside, I like the idea and the way it has been brought together. This is yet another example of some stunning work by Mother.

This is the first ad for match.com following the retirement of the dating site's "Jack and Jill" animated lovers that have been used for the last five years. The new £7m campaign, which is called "Start Your Love Story", is the first major work on the account for Mother since winning it last October. The new ad sees a couple finding love while singing a duet in a small music store. Amid an impromptu musical "conversation" between the two people who also play instruments across the shop, they fall in love. The advert closes by reminding the audience that to start their love story, they should visit match.com. The campaign aims to "capture that butterfly moment you feel when you find someone special".

"This campaign aims to capture that moment when you realise you have met someone you have genuine chemistry with,” said UK Country Manager, Karl Gregory. “The moment you know that this could be the start of something, the start of a love story. In our experience, we’ve found that it is often the little things such as a shared interest or common love – like that of music - which sparks a relationship."

The song that is used in the ad, called "just like me", was written especially for the commercial and is available as a two-minute version. The ad was filmed using anamorphic lenses to give the look and feel of a movie. Shot by Academy Film’s directors Si and Ad, it features new acting talents Amber Anderson and James Connelly in the starring roles.

Media Agency: Initiative
Production Company: Academy
Director: Si & Ad
Producer: Lucy Gossage
Editor: Jonnie Scarlet
Post-production: MPC
Audio Post-production: Factory

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Heidi Richards Mooney said...

I like the Match.com ad! Kinda Quirky and kinda retro at the same time.

Must make a comment on it on my site too.

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Heidi Richards Mooney, Author ~ Quirky Marketing Calendar