Monday, September 20, 2010

The So Coal Network

I posted previously about the upcoming Facebook / Mark Zuckerberg movie, The Social Network. As I said then, and as I would still say now, I reckon it looks pretty good - I can't wait to see it. However, Greenpeace have just launched a campaign playing on that upcoming release that I think everyone should consider.

Greenpeace are calling on everyone to consider Mark's current relationship. They point out that while his Facebook profile doesn’t list him as being in a relationship,
"it might say 'in a relationship with coal'". You see Greenpeace's campaign is all about the relationship that they say Facebook has with fossil fuel. Specifically this is to do with Mark's January announcement that Facebook would be building a new datacentre in Prineville, Oregon, that would be powered by coal. He then subsequently announced that the size of the storage facility would be doubling, also therefore its dependence on coal would also double.

Greenpeace say that it was Mark’s decision to go with with coal instead of one of the renewable options open to Facebook has driven them to create this campaign. In an open letter to Mark on the 1st September, Greenpeace’s Executive Director, Kumi Naidoo, said:

"No global business leader, particularly not one who reaches so many people daily, could deny that in this time it is both a threat to a company’s reputation and financial health risk to ignore their company’s environmental impacts."

The following video was created by Greenpeace for this campaign:

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