Friday, November 12, 2010

Meteor's Christmas

There is so much going on with Meteor at the moment I'm not even sure where to start. Not only have Meteor fully embraced their new mantra of "your social network" with vigour and enthusiasm through there impressive product range and new business focus on data packages, but the mobile network has also made some serious inroads into bringing their services to the heart of Facebook.

So first up I'd like to mention the two new services that Meteor have added to their Facebook Page; their Facebook Top-up Service and Online Store. Both services sit directly within Facebook and allow users to take care of their mobile needs directly within the social network. In themselves both services are great examples of development work but more so it is the customer service element that I think is most important. While other operators are concentrating on driving visitors to their own sites, Meteor have recognised a core service that users should be able to access where they want to.

Next up is the two new Meteor ads for Christmas. Meteor have moved completely away from last years very popular series of ads and characters, and made this years theme all about the 'power of suggestion'. The ads show two sides of the same story and link up to create a brilliant little narrative. If interested, I have the storyboards here and here, but the best thing to do is to just watch the two ads...

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