Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Smirnoff Blueberry

If you're a Smirnoff fan like myself, you'll be delighted to here that this week Smirnoff announced the launch of Smirnoff Blueberry. Smirnoff's berry flavoured vodka will be joining Smirnoff's two other flavoured varieties: Green Apple Smirnoff and Lime Smirnoff. As with all Smirnoff's flavoured options, Smirnoff Blueberry is crafted using award-winning triple distilled pure Smirnoff No.21 vodka.

“We’re really excited to be launching Smirnoff Blueberry in Ireland. Set to hit the shelves just in time for Spring, it’s one of our most popular flavours thanks to its refreshing yet subtle blueberry notes. Best served with lemonade over ice, Smirnoff Blueberry is a great tasting long drink,” says, Carol McHugh, Marketing Manager Western Europe, Diageo.

Smirnoff Blueberry is available in all major Irish supermarkets.

Did you know?
• Blueberries were once called ‘star berries’ because of the star-shaped
formation on their skin left from the flower that formed the fruit
• Blueberries are one of the only natural foods that are truly blue in color
• At least 50 different species of blueberries have been identified
• Blueberries won't ripen once they are picked
• Fresh blueberries are available for nearly eight months of the year


Emma Taylor said...

Who shot the ads? It's beautiful drinks work.

Christian Hughes said...

Hey Emma,

I'm afraid I don't know who did the shots. They're incredible though, right? Really great work.