Friday, November 16, 2012

Captain Morgan Kicks Off The Party Season

Captain Morgan Switches On Christmas lights On Board Jeanie Johnston

Last Night, Captain Morgan commandeered and lighted up an Irish ship, the Jeanie Johnston on Dublin’s north quays, to officially kicks off party season in Ireland. The party lights decorating the ship will remain switched on into the weekend to inspire Irish people to go forth and party.

Helping to switch on the Christmas party lights was newly recruited ‘Morganette’ Georgia Salpa, who was wearing a specially commissioned dress made from Christmas party lights for the ceremony.

Captain Morgan said, “I’ve been to all the party capitals of the world but the parties in Ireland are by far the best. Forget Christmas shopping season, I am officially declaring the kick off to Christmas party season in Ireland today and what better place to get off to a legendary start than on the quays of Dublin. Oh, and If you are going to party make sure you do it responsibly, Captain’s orders!”

Georgia Salpa commented, “What an honour to help switch on the Christmas party lights with Captain. I’ve been to other Christmas lights ceremonies but this is definitely the most unique. Lighting up a ship was inspired; always expect the unexpected with Captain!”

After switching on the Christmas lights, Captain Morgan hosted a special Christmas party with some of his loyal shipmates and fans.

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